A fast Windows-like window manager

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 What is it?

qvwm is a window manager for the X Window system which provides a user experience very close to Windows 95/98. It is small and extremely fast.

Developer interest is solicited! Enquiries should be directed to mjd@alphalink.com.au, or you can check out these websites:

The qvwm window manager looks almost identical on first glance to Windows 95/98. This allows users to move with ease from Windows to Unix and vice versa.

qvwm was written by Kenichi Kourai in 1996 and released at this site. He is no longer involved, and the project is run by a team of volunteers.

The project is currently hosted using the combined resources of SourceForge and EcolNet.

qvwm starts very fast - a fraction of a second on a Pentium I. So it's ideally suited to thin clients. The only library that it depends on (apart from standard X Windows libraries) is libXpm, which now comes standard with most distributions. qvwm also runs on other operating systems.

qvwm is licenced under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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